A close-up huddle shot of a UW-Madison Men's Hockey game

Prospective Men's Hockey Season Ticket Holders

4 key points for Prospective Season Ticket Holders in Men’s Hockey
  1. Patrons looking to purchase new season tickets, must contact that Wisconsin Athletic Ticket Office by June 15th, 2017, to place a request for season tickets to participate in Badger Select.
  2. While a donation is not required to participate in Badger Select, consider becoming a donor to Wisconsin Athletics at a level of $50 or more by June 15th.
  3. After you have placed a season ticket request, you will then be issued a personalized selection date and time for you to log onto Badger Select and select the best available seats at the time of your selection.
  4. Your personalized selection date and time is determined by your donor rank, followed by non-donors. The higher your donor rank, the sooner in each sport’s selection process you will select.

Importance of Donor Rank

Your donor rank will determine your priority in the Badger Select process. The higher your donor rank, the earlier your selection date and time will be in Badger Select which may increase the pool of quality seats to choose from.

In an effort to equitably serve Wisconsin Athletics donors, the allocation process to determine priority for tickets is based on each patron's donor rank, which is comprised of two factors:

1st – Annual Giving Level
2nd – Priority Point Ranking Within Annual Giving Level

2016 Annual Giving Level
(as of Dec. 31st, 2016)
Ambassador’s Circle ($50,000) 140
Hall of Fame Club ($25,000) 55
MVP Club ($15,000) 76
Champion’s Club ($10,000) 149
All-American Club ($5,000) 401
Director’s Club ($2,500) 752
Coach’s Club ($1,000) 2671
Captain’s Club ($500) 3263
Red & White Club ($250) 2714
Walk-On Club ($50) 4019
Factors* Points
Current year giving to athletics 10/$100
Consecutive years of active giving to athletics (since 2001) 10/Year
Prior years giving to athletics (since 1982) 10/$100
Consecutive years of active season ticket purchase 10/Year
UW-Madison Letterwinner 100
(one-time credit)
UW-Madison Graduate 50
(one-time credit)
*Season ticket purchases in football, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's hockey and volleyball qualify for priority points.

Recommended Minimum Per Seat Contributions

As you consider taking part in Badger Select, for either additional season tickets or a seat change, please note the recommended minimum annual contributions for the opportunity to order seats in certain sections:

Sections 107, 108, 109, 121, 122, 123, 207, 209, 221, 222 and 223 – $50 per seat
Sections 106, 110, 120, 124 – $25 per seat

Historical Season Ticket Data

For the past several seasons most men’s hockey season ticket relocation requests have been granted. However, some highly sought after areas of the Kohl Center for men’s hockey historically experience little to no attrition from one season to the next. One such example would be seats in row A of the 100 level, also known as “on the glass”. Please keep this in mind when participating in Badger Select for men’s hockey.

New Seat Change Process

Badger Select Replaces Ticket Order Form Seat Change Requests

The Wisconsin Athletic Department will no longer be reviewing write-in requests and making allocations based on donor rank and requests. Badger Select is now your portal to make these decisions. Requests do not carry over year to year.


At the conclusion of the Badger Select process, payment in full for new or additional season tickets is required to complete your order. Applicable contributions and season parking fees (if selected) will also be due at this time.

Accessible and Premium Seating

Accessible seating and premium seating (Kohl Center suites and Nicholas Club seats) are not a part of Badger Select. For more information regarding accessible seating, please contact the Athletic Ticket Office at (608) 262-1440. For more information regarding Kohl Center premium seating, please contact the Athletic Development Office at (608) 262-1000.