Men's Basketball Season Parking Selection

For 2018–19, the Athletic Department will continue to review and allocate season parking requests based on lot availability, annual giving level and priority points within each giving level via Ballena Technologies’ online selection software, called Badger Select. The Badger Select process allows for the Athletic Department to annually evaluate parking inventory while accommodating donors with a unique appointment time to choose parking based on their individual needs.

More details regarding the online parking selection process will be distributed by physical mail and email to all men’s basketball season ticket holders/active donors in August.

Please be aware, all patrons will continue to have an overall permit limit of three, but a max of two of those three can come from our zone A parking lots. In essence, there will be a limit of two zone A permits per patron.

Recommended minimum annual contributions for the opportunity to order men’s basketball season parking permits are as follows:

To view a parking map for Wisconsin Men’s Basketball games, click here

Zone Donor Level
Zone A ($20/$25 per permit per game) (2 permit limit) All-American Club ($5,000+) or higher: Lot 91, Frances St., UHaul and Depot
Zone B ($15/$20 per permit per game) Coach's Club ($1,000+) or higher: Lot 29, Lot 44, Alexander, and Group Health
Zone C ($15 per permit per game) Walk-On Club ($50+) or higher: Lot 7, 46, 51, and UW Health

*All prices are per permit per game

Donors ordering multiple men’s basketball parking permits must qualify for each permit based on their annual giving level (Example: Ordering the maximum of two Zone A men’s basketball parking permits would require a minimum annual giving level of $10,000 ($5,000 per permit)). Ambassador’s Circle, Hall of Fame, MVP, Champion’s, and All-American Club level donors qualify for every parking lot available, from Zone A to Zone C. Director’s and Coach’s Club level donors qualify for only Zone B and Zone C parking lots. Captain’s, Red & White, and Walk-On Club level donors qualify for only Zone C parking lots. Additionally, season ticket holders/active donors will be limited to purchase up to three (3) season parking permits for men’s basketball, per account, based on annual giving level qualification, donor requests, and lot availability. Of those possible three season permits, a maximum of two can come from our Zone A parking lots.

Please note, parking lot availability fluctuates on an annual basis. Due to these factors, it is not possible to forecast the annual contribution level and priority points necessary to receive a season permit in a specific parking lot and/or zone. However, for reference to donors interested in securing men’s basketball season parking permits, below is a summary of the minimum annual giving levels and priority points for each respective parking lot from donors that purchased 2016 men’s basketball season parking. This information is for reference only as 2017-18 results will be based on lot availability, donor requests, annual giving levels, and priority points.

Zone A
All-American Club $5,000 and higher
Lot 91
MVP — 5,400
Champion’s — 7,930
All-American — 5,552
Frances Street
Hall of Fame — 53,841
Zone B
Coach’s Club $1,000 and higher
Lot 29
Coach’s — 2,350
Lot 44
Director’s — 3,290
Coach’s — 2,543
Group Health Cooperative
Coach’s — 3,685
Zone C
Walk-On Club $50 and higher
Lot 7
All Requests Accommodated
Lot 46
All Requests Accommodated
Lot 51
Captain’s — 935
UW Health
All Requests Accommodated