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Current Football Season Ticket Holders

For Current Season Ticket Holders in Football:
  1. Season ticket holders who do not want to change their current season ticket location or add additional seats to their account, nor want to select season parking, do not need to log in to Badger Select. To order season tickets, the same process as previous years applies, by returning the ticket order form and contribution form (when applicable) by March 15th is required.
  2. After completing the order and contribution (if applicable) process for season tickets that you had the previous season, you will automatically be assigned a personalized selection date and time during Badger Select, based on Badger Select rank: 2022 Annual Giving Level and Badger Select priority points as of December 31st, 2017 plus 2018–2022 priority points accrued from non–deductible donations, and years of purchase for non–donor season ticket holders; which runs during the month of May. You then can choose to log in during that time, or any time after until the end of the process to view available seats at Camp Randall Stadium. For 2022, Badger Select Rank is first based on 2022 Annual Giving level, and then by Badger Select priority point total within each giving level as of December 31st, 2017 plus 2018–2022 priority points accrued from non–deductible donations.
  3. During Badger Select, as a current season ticket holder, you have the ability to purchase additional seats or relocate your current seats for other available seats. You also have the ability to purchase season parking based on your qualifying gift amount.

Importance of Badger Select Rank

Your Badger Select rank will determine your priority in the Badger Select process. The higher your Badger Select rank, the earlier your selection date and time will be in Badger Select which may increase the pool of quality seats to choose from.

Badger Select Rank is based on 2022 Annual Giving Level and Badger Select priority points. Badger Select priority points include: points as of December 31st, 2017 plus 2018–2022 priority points accrued from non–deductible donations. Non–deductible donations include those associated with priority seating and Badger Select seating contributions.

For Badger Select Rank, 100% deductible donations made in 2018–2022 will NOT be allocated towards Badger Select priority points. 100% deductible gifts include those to sport specific funds, endowed scholarships, or capital projects. (Please note Badger Select rank is different from Donor Rank.)

2022 Annual Giving Level
(as of Dec. 31st, 2021)
Ambassador's Circle ($50,000) 161
Hall of Fame Club ($25,000) 100
MVP Club ($15,000) 131
Champion's Club ($10,000) 169
All-American Club ($5,000) 466
Director's Club ($2,500) 908
Coach's Club ($1,000) 2,346
Captain's Club ($500) 2,834
Red & White Club ($250) 2,318
Walk-On Club ($50) 3,736
Total 13,169

Priority Point Factors

Points as of December 31st, 2017
Consecutive years of active giving to athletics (since 2001) 10/Year
2018–2022 Priority & Premium non–deductible seat donations 10/$100
Consecutive years of active season ticket purchase* 10/Year
UW–Madison Letterwinner
(one time credit)
UW–Madison Graduate
(one time credit)
*Season ticket purchases in football, men's and women's basketball, men's and women's hockey, wrestling, and volleyball qualify for priority points

Recommended Minimum Per Seat Contributions

As you consider taking part in Badger Select for either additional season tickets or a seat change, please note the recommended minimum annual contributions for the opportunity to order seats in certain sections:

Sections E, T and FF — $400 each
Sections D, F, S, U, EE and GG — $300 each
Sections C, G, R, V, DD and HH — $200 each
Sections B, H, Q, W, CC and II — $100 each

Historical Season Ticket Data

Below, are the two factors which impact seat selection: ticket availability and donor rank. Season ticket seating results from the 2021 season, are also included for your review. It is recommend using last season's results only as a guide, as past results cannot predict future results.

Ticket Availability

Ticket availability is determined after the current season ticket-holder ticket sales process has completed (March 15th). The quantity and location of unsold tickets determines the inventory available for seat improvement as well as new/additional season ticket requests. Ticket availability for Football does fluctuate from season to season.

Season Ticket Retention Percentages

2021 Season Ticket Seating Results

Please note:

  • Individuals who wish to take advantage of the GAP year in 2021 will retain their seat location for 2022. Seat locations that are part of the GAP year will not be available during the Badger Select process.
  • Individuals interested in purchasing new or additional seats or improving their current location, should reference the below chart from the 2021 Badger Select process. The below table shows the 2021 annual giving level and priority point threshold needed to obtain seats in each section. It is recommended using last season's results as a guide only, as results vary from year to year.

Sect. RMAPSC* Qty AGL** Pts
E $400.00 4 Director's Club 1,232
E $400.00 2 Captain's Club 350
T $400.00 4 Director's Club 6,888
T $400.00 2 Coach's Club 2,660
FF $400.00 4 Coach's Club 180
FF $400.00 2 Captain's Club 125
D $300.00 4 Coach's Club 815
D $300.00 2 Captain's Club 80
F $300.00 4 Coach's Club 120
F $300.00 2 Captain's Club 130
S $300.00 4 Coach's Club 140
S $300.00 2 Captain's Club 80
U $300.00 4 Coach's Club 165
U $300.00 2 Captain's Club 80
EE $300.00 4 Coach's Club 140
EE $300.00 2 Captain's Club 180
GG $300.00 4 Coach's Club 190
GG $300.00 2 Captain's Club 80
C $200.00 4 Captain's Club 100
C $200.00 2 Red & White 60
G $200.00 4 Coach's Club 140
G $200.00 2 Red & White 60
R $200.00 4 Captain's Club 100
R $200.00 2 Red & White 60
V $200.00 4 Captain's Club 100
V $200.00 2 Red & White 60
DD & HH $200.00 4 Walk–On 15
DD & HH $200.00 2 Walk–On 15
B $100.00 4 Captain's Club 670
B $100.00 2 Walk–On 40
H $100.00 4 Red & White 80
H $100.00 2 Walk-On 70
Q $100.00 4 Red & White 85
Q $100.00 2 Walk-On 40
W $100.00 4 Red & White 60
W $100.00 2 Walk–On 40
CC & II $100.00 4 Walk–On 25
CC & II $100.00 2 Walk–On 25
AA, BB, JJ, KK, LL 4 Walk–On 15
AA, BB, JJ, KK, LL 2 Walk–On 15
A, I, J, X, Y1, Y2, Y3, YZ, Z1, Z2, Z3 N/A N/A N/A
*Recommended Minimum Annual Per Seat Contribution
**Annual Giving Level

Please call the Wisconsin Athletic Development Office at (608) 262-1000 or the Wisconsin Athletic Ticket Office at (608) 262-1440 or 1(800) GO-BADGERS to learn additional details about historical Football Season Ticket Data.

In sections in the lower bowl nearest the 50 yard line (D–F and S–U), a limited number of tickets have become available in recent years. Most other sections saw higher quantities of tickets become available, however location within each section has varied.

Seat Change Process

Badger Select Replaces Ticket Order Form Seat Change Requests

The Wisconsin Athletic Department no longer reviews write-in requests and making allocations based on donor rank and requests. Badger Select is now your portal to make these decisions. Requests do not carry over year to year.


At the conclusion of the Badger Select process, payment in full for new or additional season tickets is required to complete your order. Applicable contributions and season parking fees (if selected) will also be due at this time.

Accessible and Premium Seating

Accessible seating and premium seating (Camp Randall suites, Buckingham Club seats, Ford Varsity Club seats, and Roger Mansukhani & Family Terrace tickets) are not a part of Badger Select. For more information regarding accessible seating, please contact the Athletic Ticket Office at (608) 262-1440. For more information regarding Camp Randall premium seating, please contact the Athletic Development Office at (608) 262–1000