Football Season Parking Selection

Please note the following construction project impacting parking availability:

Lot 40 will continue to be under construction during the 2019 football season. The lot will be available for season purchase, but will continue to be split into lot 40 Babcock and lot 40 Stock Pavilion and available in a reduced capacity from previous years. The completion date of the project and the capacity of the parking lot when the project is complete is unknown at this time.

For 2019, the Athletic Department will continue to review and allocate season parking requests based on lot availability, annual giving level and priority points within each giving level via online selection software called Badger Select. The Badger Select process allows for the Athletic Department to annually evaluate parking inventory while accommodating donors with a unique appointment time to choose parking based on their individual needs.

Specific parking information by sport can be found below.

Patrons wishing to participate in Badger Select and order season parking must be a current football season ticket holder and active donor to Wisconsin Athletics. The minimum contribution to be eligible for football parking is $250. Parking is subject to availability. To be considered an active donor, patrons must submit their annual contribution by April 20.

Football season parking permits for all lots sold out in 2016, 2017 and 2018. The same type of demand for season parking permits is expected for subsequent seasons.

More details regarding Badger Select, the online parking selection process which takes place in June, will be distributed by physical mail and email to all football season ticket holders/active donors in May.

To view a parking map for Wisconsin football games, click here

Recommended minimum annual contributions for the opportunity to order football season parking permits are as follows:

Zone(Per Game Permit Price) Donor Level
Zone A ($20) All–American Club ($5,000+): Lots 16, 17, 17 Roof, Credit Union, and Regent Apartments
Zone B ($20) Director’s Club ($2,500+): Lots 13, 41, 54, 80, Church A, Church B, and Church C
Zone C ($20/$15) Coach's Club ($1,000+): Lots 20, 27, 33, 39, 40 Babcock, 40 Stock 45, 51, 56, 92, 93, and Randall School
Zone D ($15) Red and White Club ($250+): Lots 7, 29, 36, 44, 62 and 34 (alcohol free lot– $70 for the season)

*All prices are per permit per game

Donors ordering multiple football parking permits must qualify for each permit based on their annual giving level [Example: Ordering two zone A football parking permits would require a minimum annual giving level of $10,000 ($5,000 per permit)]. Ambassador’s Circle, Hall of Fame, MVP, Champion’s, and All–American Club level donors qualify for every parking lot available, from Zone A to Zone D. Director’s Club level donors qualify for only Zone B, Zone C, and Zone D parking lots. Coach’s Club level donors qualify for Zone C and Zone D parking lots. Captain’s and Red & White Club level donors qualify for only Zone D parking lots. Additionally, season ticket holders/active donors will be limited to purchase up to three (3) season parking permits, per account, based on annual giving level qualification, donor requests, and lot availability.

Parking lot availability fluctuates on an annual basis. It is not possible to forecast the annual contribution level and priority points necessary to receive a season permit in a specific parking lot and/or zone. For reference to donors interested in securing football season parking permits, below is a summary of the minimum annual giving levels and priority points for each respective parking lot from donors that purchased a 2018 football season parking permit. 2019 results will be based on lot availability, donor requests, annual giving levels, and Badger Select priority points.

Church A Hall of Fame ($25,000) 24,754 A
Credit Union MVP ($15,000) 17,143 A
Lot 16 Champion's ($10,000) 11,588 A
Regent Champion's ($10,000) 4,720 A
Lot 17 All-American ($5,000) All qualifying donors had access. A
Lot 17 Roof All-American ($5,000) All qualifying donors had access. A
Church B Champion's ($10,000) 12,282 B
Lot 54 All-American ($5,000) 12,919 B
Church C All-American ($5,000) 5,329 B
Lot 13 All-American ($5,000) 3,257 B
Lot 41 Director's ($2,500) 6,583 B
Lot 80 Director's ($2,500) 2,542 B
Randall School All-American ($5,000) 5,730 C
Lot 56 All-American ($5,000) 4,724 C
Lot 51 All-American ($5,000) 3,340 C
Lot 40 Babcock Director's ($2,500) 5,495 C
Lot 40 Stock Pavilion Director's ($2,500) 4,785 C
Lot 33 Director's ($2,500) 3,143 C
Lot 92 Director's ($2,500) 2,890 C
Lot 93 Director's ($2,500) 2,470 C
Lot 39 Director's ($2,500) 2,240 C
Lot 45 Director's ($2,500) 2,120 C
Lot 20 Director's ($2,500) 1,990 C
Lot 27 Director's ($2,500) 880 C
Lot 44 Director's ($2,500) 1,970 D
Lot 36 Coach's ($1,000) 0 D
Lot 29 Captain's ($500) 1,992 D
Lot 7 Captain's ($500) 1,060 D
Lot 62 Captain's ($500) 930 D
Lot 34 Red & White ($250) 885 D

*All prices are per permit per game

Additional Parking Information

Accessible Parking

For our patrons with accessibility needs, the Athletic Department will sell a limited number of permits in Lot 17 on a first come, first served, single game basis. Permits will go on sale through the Wisconsin Athletic Ticket Office at 1.800.462.2343 or 608.262.1440 the Monday before each home game starting at 8:30am. Phone sales only. Should a holiday fall on the Monday preceding a home game, permit sales will take place on the first open day of business thereafter. Permits will cost $20. Limit of one per account. Permits will not be mailed. Instead, permits will be left with the CSC staff members at Lot 17 for pick up the day of the game. Patrons will need to show both their picture I.D. and their state issued handicapped placard or handicap license plate in order to claim the permit. No permits will be released to anyone other than the account holder of record.

Other options for patrons with accessibility needs include the Lot 60 shuttle. Parking in Lot 60 will cost $5 per automobile and $6 per person to ride the shuttle round–trip (subject to availability). The Lot 60 shuttle will drop patrons off at the corner of Breese Terrace and University Avenue where they can ride in a golf cart operated by our Guest Services staff to the stadium entrance located closest to their seats.

There are also three drop–off points around Camp Randall Stadium for patrons to disembark from their own vehicles. These include: Monroe Street outside of Gate 1 on the southeast corner of Camp Randall Stadium, the corner of Regent Street and Breese Terrace and at the corner of Breese Terrace and University Avenue across from the First Congregational Church.

Wheelchair assistance is also available from our Guest Services staff. Prior to game–day please call (608) 263–7894. On game day call (608) 265–8676.

Single Game Parking

Single game parking is available for purchase from lots with availability on a first come, first served basis on the day of the game only. Patrons will pay the lot attendant as they enter the lot. These lots will be determined once the season begins. Traditionally, they have included Lot 46 ($15 – Lake & Johnson Street) and Lot 60 ($5 – near the UW Hospital on Walnut).

Shuttle Service

Badger Bus provides two shuttle routes to and from Camp Randall Stadium on game day. Shuttles are available for $6 per person round–trip or $3 one–way and run approximately every 15 minutes starting two hours prior to kick–off and up to one hour after the conclusion of the game. Purchase this discounted rate season pass during the first or second home game at your Bucky Shuttle Pick–Up Location. Cash/check payments only. Patrons may park in Lot 60 or Lot 76 (near the UW Hospital on Walnut St.) for an additional $5 fee. Shuttle bus pickup for Lot 60/76 patrons is located at the bus stop on University Bay Drive, between Lot 60 and Lot 76, and drops off at the corner of Breese Terrace and University Avenue. For Lot 64 bus/motorhome patrons, the shuttle bus pickup is located at the metro bus stop on Observatory across from Lot 64. Patrons may also park in any of the four Capitol Square parking ramps (State Street, Capitol Square North, Government East, & Capitol Square South / normal City of Madison parking ramp fees apply). The shuttle picks up at each ramp and drops off on Monroe Street, near the southeast corner of Camp Randall Stadium (Gate 1).

Bus and Motor Home Parking

Parking for buses, motor homes, and other "over–sized" vehicles is prohibited in all lots except for Lot 64 ($50 – near the UW Hospital on Walnut St). Permits may be purchased in advance through the Athletic Ticket Office at (608) 262–1440. Advanced permit sales cut off ten days in advance of game. Overnight parking of all "over–sized" vehicles is prohibited on the UW Campus.