Men's Basketball Season Parking Selection

For 2021–22, the Athletic Department will continue to review and allocate season parking requests based on lot availability, annual giving level and priority points within each giving level via online selection software, called Badger Select. The Badger Select process allows for the Athletic Department to annually evaluate parking inventory while accommodating donors with a unique appointment time to choose parking based on their individual needs.

More details regarding the online parking selection process will be distributed by physical mail and email to all men’s basketball season ticket holders/active donors in August.

All patrons have an overall permit limit of three, but a maximum of two of those three permits may come from zone A parking lots.

To view a parking map for Wisconsin Men's Basketball games here.

Qualifying donations for the opportunity to order men’s basketball season parking permits are as follows:

Zone Qualifying Donation
Zone A (2 permit limit) $5,000+ or higher : Lot 91, UHaul and Depot
Zone B $1,000+ or higher : Lot 29, Lot 44, Alexander, and Group Health Coop
Zone C $50+ or higher : Lot 7, 46, 51, and UW Health

Donors ordering multiple men’s basketball parking permits must qualify for each permit based on their annual giving level (Example: Ordering the maximum of two (2) Zone A men’s basketball parking permits would require a minimum annual giving level of $10,000 ($5,000 per permit)). Ambassador’s Circle, Hall of Fame, MVP, Champion’s, and All-American Club level donors qualify for every parking lot available, from Zone A to Zone C. Director’s and Coach’s Club level donors qualify for only Zone B and Zone C parking lots. Captain’s, Red & White, and Walk–On Club level donors qualify for only Zone C parking lots. Season ticket holders/active donors will be limited to purchase up to three (3) season parking permits for men’s basketball, per account, based on annual giving level qualification, donor requests, and lot availability. A maximum of two (2) can come from our Zone A parking lots.

Parking lot availability fluctuates on an annual basis. It is not possible to forecast the annual contribution level and priority points necessary to receive a season permit in a specific parking lot and/or zone. For reference to donors interested in securing men’s basketball season parking permits, below is a summary of the minimum annual giving levels and priority points for each respective parking lot from donors that purchased 2020–21 men’s basketball season parking. 2021–22 results will be based on lot availability, donor requests, annual giving levels, and Badger Select priority points.

UHAUL MVP Club ($15,000) 14,738 A
91 MVP Club ($15,000) 12,744 A
DEPOT All qualifying donors had access to purchase A
44 Director's Club ($2,500) 2,768 B
GHC Director's Club ($2,500) 2,292 B
ALEX Coach's Club ($1,000) 10,291 B
29 Coach's Club ($1,000) 2,997 B
51 Coach's Club ($1,000) 565 C
7 All qualifying donors had access to purchase   C
UW HEALTH All qualifying donors had access to purchase   C
46 All qualifying donors had access to purchased   C

Additional Parking Information

Accessible Parking

Advanced sale of accessible parking for men’s basketball is only available on a season basis.

Accessible parking for men’s basketball is located in Lots 48 and 87.

Patrons who had season accessible parking the previous year have the opportunity to purchase a season permit the following year, provided they continue to provide appropriate documentation each year. Patrons are asked to maintain a copy of their current accessible placard or license plate, along with a copy of the accompanying accessible permit certificate of registration, with the Wisconsin Athletic Ticket Office. If the copy of the accessible placard or license plate that the Wisconsin Athletic Ticket Office has is outdated, patrons are asked to please provide a current copy during the season ticket order period.

Active donors to Wisconsin Athletics (minimum $50 contribution) receive priority when requesting accessible parking. Requests for new accessible parking permits for men’s basketball will reviewed first based on availability, second by annual giving level and priority points. Please note that availability for new accessible parking permits for men’s basketball has been extremely limited in previous seasons.

Patrons unable to purchase accessible parking on a season basis are encouraged to use the drop-off location North of the Kohl Center on Dayton Street. Assistance on game day is available from our Guest Services staff. Prior to game day, patrons should call (608) 263–7894. On game day, patrons should call (608) 263–5645

Construction Updates

Lot 87 will return as an accessible parking lot for the 2021-22 men's basketball season. The Nicholas Recreation Center (NICK) construction has now been completed. Patrons that were temporarily relocated out of Lot 87 to an alternate parking lot during the construction of the NICK will be contacted regarding moving back into Lot 87.

Construction on part of the footprint of the Alexander parking lot, due to the addition of a hotel and parking garage, is expected to conclude in the spring 2021 and not impact season parking for the 2021-22 men's basketball season.

Construction in and around the Depot parking lot, primarily due to the development of The Harvey House restaurant, is expected to conclude in the summer 2021 and not impact season parking for the 2021-22 men's basketball season.

Single Game Parking

Single game parking is available for purchase from lots with availability on a first come, first serve basis on the day of the game only. Patrons will pay the lot attendant as they enter the lot. These lots have traditionally included Lot 46 (Lake and Johnson Ramp) and Lot 83 (Fluno Center Garage). Lot 46 and 83 are heavily congested before and after the game. Additional information on single game parking options will be available closer to the start of the season.