Men's Hockey Season Parking Selection

Please Note:For the 2020—21 season, a portion of the Alexander parking lot will continue to be unavailable due to the construction of a hotel and parking garage. The lot will be available for season purchase, however, the capacity of the lot will be reduced from previous years. Capacity of the parking lot when the project is complete is unknown at this time Please click here for an updated Parking Map.

Patrons who purchased parking in 2019—20 will have their parking pass quantity and location listed on their season ticket order form for payment in 2020—21. Should you want to request a change in location or an additional parking pass, you will be able to submit that request on the season ticket form and those requests will be reviewed based on lot availability, annual giving level and priority points within each giving level.

Patrons wishing to request a new men’s hockey season parking permit must also be a current season ticket holder. Active donors to Wisconsin Athletics (minimum $50 contribution) by June 15th receive priority when requesting parking. Requests will be reviewed based on lot availability, annual giving level and priority points within each giving level. Season ticket holders who are not active donors will be allocated after all donor requests are fulfilled. Their parking lot allocation will be based on their consecutive years of purchasing men’s hockey season tickets.

More details regarding season parking will be included with the men’s hockey season ticket order information mailing in June.

Please click here for an updated Parking Map

Zone Qualifying Donation
Zone A ($15) $50+ or Higher:
Lot 91 & Frances Street
Zone B ($15) No qualifying donation required:
Lot 7, 29, 44 & 46, Alexander, Depot,
Group Health Coop, U-Haul, & UW Health

Parking lot availability fluctuates on an annual basis. It is not possible to forecast the annual contribution level and priority points necessary to receive a pass in a specific parking lot and/or zone. Season ticket holders/active donors, may purchase up to three (3) parking passes for each respective sport, per account, based on annual giving level qualification and lot availability.

Steps to Request Season Parking

  1. Men’s hockey season parking is not a part of the Badger Select process. Current season ticket holders and donors will have the opportunity to order the same season parking location held for the 2019-2020 season.
  2. Making a contribution does not guarantee allocation into a certain lot or certain zone. Patrons requesting multiple permits must qualify for each permit individually based on the annual giving level. (Example: Ordering two Zone A hockey parking passes would require a minimum annual giving level of $100 [$50 per pass]).