Volleyball Season Parking Selection

Volleyball season parking is not part of the Badger Select process.

Current volleyball season ticket holders and donors to Wisconsin Athletics will have the opportunity to order the same parking location for the 2024 season as held during the 2023 season. When completing the online application to order season tickets, current volleyball season ticket holders will see their season parking location and pass quantity listed for payment.

Patrons wishing to request a new volleyball season parking permit must also be a season ticket holder. Active donors to Wisconsin Athletics (minimum $50 contribution) receive priority when requesting season parking. Season ticket holders who are not active donors will be allocated season parking after all donor requests are fulfilled. New season parking requests are evaluated following the conclusion of the Badger Select process.

To View a Parking Map for Wisconsin Volleyball Matches Click Here.

Zone Parking Qualifying Gift Amount: Lot Name(s)
Zone A (2 permit limit) $50+ or higher: Lot 16
Zone B No Qualifying Donation Required: Lot 17, 19 (ADA)

Parking lot availability and demand fluctuate on an annual basis. Therefore, it is not possible to forecast the annual contribution level and priority points necessary to receive a pass in a specific parking lot and/or zone. For the 2023 season, Lot 16 sold out to volleyball season ticket holders and donors to Wisconsin Athletics at the Ambassador’s Circle ($50,000) Annual Giving level.

Ticket holders/active donors may purchase up to three (3) parking passes, per account, based on annual giving level qualification, donor requests, and lot availability. A maximum of two (2) season parking permits can come from Zone A parking lots. Patrons requesting multiple permits must qualify for each permit individually based on the Annual Giving level.

Additional Parking Information

Accessible Parking

Advanced sale of accessible parking for volleyball is only available on a season basis. Accessible parking for volleyball is sold on a season basis in Lot 19 (15 Breese Terrace; West of UW Field House). New requests for accessible season parking in Lot 19 are accepted during the season ticket order period concluding May 15th. Accessible parking for volleyball in Lot 19 sold out for the 2023 season. Therefore, there will need to be attrition in the lot in order for new season parking passes to be available for purchase for the 2024 season. Attrition in Lot 19 has traditionally been extremely low. There is a one (1) permit limit per patron for accessible parking in Lot 19.

Click here for more information regarding accessible parking for volleyball.

Mobile Parking

For the 2024 volleyball season, all parking permits will be delivered as mobile passes. Patrons are asked to please save their mobile parking pass to their mobile wallet (Apple Wallet for iPhones; Google Pay for Androids) prior to arrival to the parking lot. Patrons should have their mobile parking pass pulled up on their mobile phone and ready to be scanned upon arrival to the parking lot. Patrons must stop upon arrival to the lot entrance so that the lot attendant may scan their mobile parking pass for entry.

Click here for more information regarding mobile parking for volleyball.

Single Game Parking

Single game parking is available for purchase from lots with availability on a first come, first serve basis on the day of the game only in Lot 17 (1525 Engineering Drive; North of Camp Randall Stadium). Patrons will pay the lot attendant as they enter the lot. Cost is $5. For day of event parking, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted.