Photo of UW-Madison Basketball game at the Kohl Center during the National Anthem.

Current Men's Basketball Season Ticket Holders

3 Key Points For Current Season Ticket Holders in Men’s Basketball
  1. Current season ticket holders who do not want to change their current season ticket location or add additional seats to their account, nor want to select season parking, do not need to log in to Badger Select. To order season tickets, the same process as previous years applies, of returning the ticket order form and contribution form (when applicable) by July 15th is required.
  2. After completing the order and contribution (if applicable) process for season tickets that you had the previous season, you will automatically be assigned a personalized selection date and time during the BADGER SELECT process, based on Badger Select rank: 2018 Annual Giving Level and priority points as of December 31, 2017, and years of purchase for non-donor season ticket holders; which runs late August through early September. You then can choose to log in during that time, or any time after until the end of the process to view available seats at the Kohl Center.

    Badger Select Rank is first based on 2018 Annual Giving level, and then by priority point total within each giving level as of December 31, 2017. This has been implemented due to the interpretation of the new tax law for 2018.
  3. During the Badger Select process, as a current season ticket holder, you have the ability to purchase additional seats or swap your current seats for other available seats. You also have the ability to purchase parking based on your qualifying gift amount.

Importance of Badger Select Rank

Your Badger Select rank will determine your priority in the Badger Select process. The higher your Badger Select rank, the earlier your selection date and time will be in Badger Select which may increase the pool of quality seats to choose from.

Badger Select rank for Badger Select is based on 2018 Annual Giving Level and priority points as of December 31, 2017. (Please note Badger Select rank is different from Donor Rank.)

2018 Annual Giving Level
(as of Dec. 31st, 2017)
Ambassador’s Circle ($50,000) 154
Hall of Fame Club ($25,000) 56
MVP Club ($15,000) 65
Champion’s Club ($10,000) 134
All-American Club ($5,000) 408
Director’s Club ($2,500) 774
Coach’s Club ($1,000) 2,725
Captain’s Club ($500) 3,209
Red & White Club ($250) 2,661
Walk-On Club ($50) 4,062

Recommended Minimum Per Seat Contributions

As you consider taking part in Badger Select, for either additional season tickets or a seat change, please note the recommended minimum annual contributions for the opportunity to order seats in certain sections:

Sections 107 – 109, 121 – 123, 207, 209, and 221 – 223: $300 per seat

Sections 106, 110, 120, 124, 206, 210, 220 and 224: $200 per seat

Sections 101 – 105, 111, 112, 118, 119, and 125 – 128: $100 per seat

Sections 307 – 309, and 321 – 323: $50 per seat

Historical Season Ticket Data

Below, we discuss the two factors which impact seat selection: ticket availability and donor rank. We also have included the season ticket seating results from the 2017-18 season, for your review. We recommend using last season’s results only as a guide, as past results cannot predict future results.

Ticket Availability

Ticket availability is determined after the current season ticket-holder ticket sales process has completed (July 15th). The quantity and location of unsold tickets determines the inventory available for seat improvement as well as new/additional season ticket requests. Ticket availability for men’s basketball does fluctuate from season to season. However, as evidenced by the chart below, season ticket sales rates for men’s basketball are consistently strong.

Season Ticket Retention Percentages

Please keep in mind that the retention rates listed above include all Kohl Center seating areas. Retention rates of season tickets in 100 and 200 level sections typically approach 99%

Season Ticket Inventory

100 Level
200 Level

The chart above demonstrates just how few season tickets, especially in the 100 and 200 level sections, become available for seat selection

*Single seats not included in availability above

2017-2018 Season Ticket Seating Results

The table below shows the 2017 annual giving level and priority point thresholds needed for seat improvement or new season tickets. We recommend using last season’s results only as a guide, as past results cannot predict future results, especially given the new seat selection process.

Sect. RMAPSC* Qty AGL** Pts
107-109 121-123 $300.00 4 Ambassador’s Circle 381,582
106, 110, 120 & 124 $200.00 4 Ambassador’s Circle 163,373
all other 100 level sections $100.00 4 N/A  
107-109 121-123 $300.00 2 Ambassador’s Circle 62,454
106, 110, 120 & 124 $200.00 2 Ambassador’s Circle 25,876
all other 100 level sections $100.00 2 Ambassador’s Circle 15,675
207, 209, 221-223 $300.00 4 N/A  
206, 210, 220 & 224 $200.00 4 Ambassador’s Circle 30,731
all other 200 level sections 4 All-American 4,920
207, 209, 221-223 $300.00 2 Ambassador’s Circle 14,033
206, 210, 220 & 224 $200.00 2 Champion’s 6,260
all other 200 level sections 2 All-American 1,675
307-309 321-323 $50.00 4 All-American 2,934
307-309 321-323 $50.00 2 All-American 1,020
all other 300 level sections 6*** Coach's 250
*Recommended Minimum Annual Per Seat Contribution
**Annual Giving Level
***Up to 6 Tickets

We encourage you to call the Wisconsin Athletic Development Office at (608) 262-1000 or the Wisconsin Athletic Ticket Office at 1-800-GO-BADGERS or (608) 262-1440 to learn additional details about historical Men's Basketball Season Ticket Data.

Seats Available Through Attrition
Level RMAPSC* Sect. Qty
100 $300.00 107-109; 121-123 12
100 $200.00 106, 110, 120, 124 8
100 $100.00 All Other 100 Level Sections 0
100 Varies Single Seats 11
100   Total 31
200 $300.00 207, 209, 221-223 4
200 $200.00 206, 210, 220, 224 13
200 201-205; 211-213; 217-219; 225-228 59
200 Varies Single Seats 19
200   Total 95
300 $50.00 307-309; 321-323 50
300 All Other 300 Sections 145
300 Single Seats 26
300   Total 221
    Grand Total 347
*Recommended Minimum Annual Per Seat Contribution

New Seat Change Process

Badger Select Replaces Ticket Order Form Seat Change Requests

The Wisconsin Athletic Department will no longer be reviewing write-in requests and making allocations based on donor rank and requests. Badger Select is now your portal to make these decisions. Requests do not carry over year to year.


At the conclusion of the Badger Select process, payment in full for new or additional season tickets is required to complete your order. Applicable contributions and season parking fees (if selected) will also be due at this time.

Accessible and Premium Seating

Accessible seating and premium seating (Kohl Center suites, Courtside Club seats, and Nicholas Club seats) are not a part of Badger Select. For more information regarding accessible seating, please contact the Athletic Ticket Office at (608) 262-1440. For more information regarding Kohl Center premium seating, please contact the Athletic Development Office at (608) 262-1000.